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Probably a long shot in the dark but I'll give it a try. My daughter really wants to start saxophone for this school year and I'm a little tight looking out there to see if anybody might have an extra saxophone laying in their way. Thank you
My roommate is trying to rebound from a broken femur. He needs a 2 lb ankle weight. Maybe up to 5 lb. Only needs one. Wouldn't mind just borrowing. He does not need it forever. Can you help?
Long shot in the dark here. My daughter wants to start saxophone and things are tight. Figured I would give it a shot and see if someone might have one that's in the way. Thank you.
Hand-caned furniture has holes around the edges through which the cane is woven by hand. If the caning is torn or damaged, the item is unusable, there is no quick fix and replacement is very expensive.
I want to replace my husbands table. the last was stolen.
Hi all. I had to start a new account, but have been a member for nearly seven years. Back in May during the big rains, our basement flooded while we were out of town. We lost a lot of stuff as this is where all the kid's rooms are. We are finally getting the floor replaced, it will be done in about three weeks. I am looking for area rugs to throw over the flooring that is going down. I don't ha...
I am looking for spider plant babies. If anyone has any, I would be glad to take them off your hands.
I am looking for any kind of wood pallet for DIY projects. I have a truck and am able to transport a large amount at one time.
I am an artist looking for a square dining table to use as a work table. Fair condition is OK. Thanks
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